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Change a Word – Change the Outcome

Have you ever heard of the RAS part of your brain? Me neither, not until recently anyway. It stands for the Reticulating Activating brainSystem and, put simply, it’s said to be the link and filter between your conscious and subconscious mind. It’s located in your brain stem and takes instructions from your conscious and passes them onto your subconscious.

The example often given is if you decide you want to buy a specific kind of car, you’re set on it, then that’s all you see when you go out into the world. Or if you’re thinking about getting pregnant, or trying to, you’ll see mothers-to-be everywhere. Your subconscious is now picking up on that specific thing and trying to find it.

Supposedly, using our RAS, we can guide ourselves towards accomplishing our goals more quickly by changing the way we word what we’re trying to accomplish. It lies with the word, “intend.” If we say we “intend” to do something, our subconscious brain will do its work to make that happen. One example I found is by comparing the use of the words: hope, want, and intend.

If you “hope” to buy a boat, you have some inclination and desire to get one someday. Maybe it will work out, maybe not. Hoping doesn’t guarantee anything.

If you “want” to buy a boat, you’ve made the desire a little stronger. This “want” could become a reality, or not depending on how things work out. As Mick tells us, “You can’t always get what you want…” boat

However, if you “intend” to buy a boat, you have a clear goal of purchasing one. You might start brainstorming ways of getting the money to buy one, look up different models and styles more readily, and drop it into conversations so that people know and might pass on any leads.

The intent to accomplish something becomes the goal and you subconsciously start doing more to achieve it. I’ve heard lots of talk over the years about “setting your intention” whenever you begin something. Set your intention for a good day, a better meeting, a successful outcome. You can then manifest it into happening. I can’t say that I completely believed that to be true, but I can see how the wording matters. I can hope all day for specific things, but that feels like whisps of smoke disappearing into the air. Intending seems different, more concrete and sure.

Will it work? I can’t say, but I can definitely hope so, or oops, intend it to. I’m going it give it a try.

Let me know if it works for you.



  1. Merilee Warde

    What I know about intention is the using the law of attraction. Most of us don’t fully understand this universal law nor do we use it to our full advantage. The Law of Attraction is working all the time, we just aren’t fully consciously aware of our participation in this process.
    1. Be clear on your hearts desire. ( remove your limiting beliefs, doubts. Fears, judgements and expectations) all necessary in order to be Clear.
    2. Imagine how you would feel if you already had what it is you want. In other words, really allow yourself to fully embrace that feeling and the joy. This will facilitate the flow of attracting what you desire with ease.
    3. Now this next step is tricky; but don’t skip this step. Have no attachment to what you want, let it go!
    What? What do you mean, let it go? Aren’t we using intention here?
    Yes, and no.
    Yes, we intend on attracting and receiving what we want.
    But, we are also not limiting what could be.
    Adopt the belief, “this or something better”
    That way there is space for all kinds of potentials and even miracles to show up to match your vibration.
    So, the next time to we have any intentions, practicing and understanding the Law of Attraction will pave the way for us.
    Try attracting every day.
    Like finding the perfect parking space or finding the right remedy for improving health.


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